Spirit Culture Announces Release Date For Their New Song “Wanyamalala”

Spirit Culture Announces Release Date For Their New Song “Wanyamalala”

It is not every day that we get the chance of receiving messages of hope from the music that we listen to on radios, TVs or our cellphones. Out of all the music that we listen to, only a few will actually focus on giving us hope that whatever situation we are going through, everything shall be well. And this song I am about to talk to here is one of such few songs.


“Wanyamalala” which means ‘It is all gone’ is a gospel song that is set to be released on the 17th of August 2017 by Thini and Khattaz who are new to the industry under ‘Substance Music’ and ‘Spirit Culture’. It is a song that is talking about how we are not supposed to dwell on past events because these events are gone and hence our eyes should be set on the future. The writer of the song himself went ahead to explain how the song came about and cited a couple of verses that include 2 Corinthians 5 vs. 17 and Isaiah 43 vs. 18 and 19. Both verses explain how the past is meant to be forgotten because the Lord is cooking up something big for us and all that we need to do is perceive it. This ideology is the one that was used to create this outstanding piece and promises to be a very good number as far as upcoming urban gospel music is concerned.


I went further to find out about these two artists so as to create a clear picture of what this song is going to be all about and managed to find out a thing or two about them. Ron Lifikilo who goes by the name of ‘Khattaz’ is futuristic Afro Soul musician who is a dedicated gospel singer as well as an aspiring guitar player. On the other hand, we have Martin Chirwa who goes by the name of ‘Thini’. He is a talented rap artist who has also worked with other big names in the industry such as TNO, Faith Keyz and Beautiful Minds’ ‘Adroit Echo’. As you can see, this song is going to be a bomb. Such genres fused in one piece and produced by one of Malawi’s finest entities would only mean one thing and that thing is ‘good quality’.


So be on the lookout for this amazing song and don’t forget to tell your friends about it. It’s a song that truly deserves to be on your playlist as far as quality and content are involved.


Published by True Malawian Art Enterprises

Written by Lusu Manda

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Major S/O to Atsogo Kondwani Nyamasauka of CAN Radio, Comeek Tech, Born and Bred Radio Show and Lusu Manda Enterprises.

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