Upcoming Duo ‘Juvy Fam’ Announces “Telemundo”‘s Release Date

Upcoming Duo ‘Juvy Fam’ Announces “Telemundo”‘s Release Date

Just when we thought that the invincible upcoming musical duo that goes by the name of Juvy Fam was too silent after their previous hit “Beautiful Places”, they decide to return with yet another bang that promises to be another hit from this talented two-man group.

Just last week, we noticed an artwork circulating on social media of their recent project and decided to ask about it from the team itself and here is what we managed to gather from the interview.

“Well we’ve been silent for the past few months because we were trying to widen our audience first by indulging in live performances and single projects from the both of us such as ‘John Chilembwe’ and ‘African Champion’ by Base Cube and ‘The Little Things’ by myself” the group’s singer ‘Xavier’ spoke.

“And then we decided to continue working on our project that we’re calling ‘Project Mohalla The EP’ after being assured that we now have more fans to listen to what we have and that is when we came up with this new song that is coming out on the 29th of July”.

To most of you who know nothing about their new song, you might be wondering what it’s called and what it’s about. But we made sure that we found out enough information to keep you out of the shadows.

“The new song that we’ll be releasing has been produced by Manifest and is being called ‘Telemundo’. It tackles the issue of the female obsession of the telenovela channel ‘Telemundo’ and how girls expect to be treated in relationships the same way the channel’s characters are treated. It is the second song from Project Mohalla after Beautiful Places and if all goes well, we might be releasing the whole project by the end of this year”.

So there you have it folks, as this month goes to an end, the entertainment begins. Be on the lookout for this outstanding banger and make sure you tell your friends about it too.

Article by Lusu Manda.

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