Sonyezo At It Again With Tay Grin & Nigeria’s Ric Hassani (Article by Lusu Manda)

Sonyezo At It Again With Tay Grin & Nigeria’s Ric Hassani (Article by Lusu Manda)

After proving to the whole of Malawi and abroad that they are capable of creating and producing hit songs, Malawi’s Very Own duo of the moment; Sonyezo and Tay Grin, return with another banger that they’re calling “Mama” in which they have also included the Nigerian “Dance” songster ‘Ric Hassani’.

After some gradual research, we found out that this summer anthem was recorded when the Nigerian star was on a tour in 2016. What kept it from being released you may ask, well, we had to find out from one of the artists and this is what we got from the producer of this soon-to-be hit; Sonyezo.

“First of all, this song is a product of the effort of all three of us. We cannot say it belongs to me or Tay Grin, it’s a collaboration of three artists. Now, about this song, it has the fusion of a tropical house feel and an afrobeat touch. In short, it’s for everyone.

About the delay in release, we decided to give it some space after recording and production because we were giving ourselves some space to work on individual projects and we were waiting for the perfect season for the song, and that is summer” the ‘Lokolo’ hitmaker said.

“It is an undoubted fact that this is the anthem for the summer that is right around the corner”

He further went on to announce that the summer anthem will be released on the 12th of July 2017 and will be available on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Google Play and many others. Surely this song will be another must-have, so be on the lookout and tell your friends about it.

For more information, contact:

Mpho Musowa [Media Liaison Officer]

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Lusu Manda

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