TMA Launches “Friday Night Freestyles” Programme

TMA Launches “Friday Night Freestyles” Programme

Just when we thought that the minds behind Malawi’s biggest online art promotion entity; True Malawian Art Enterprises, had run out of ideas, they decided to surprise us earlier today as they announced that they were launching another exciting programme on their platform tonight. This took everyone by surprise and in an interview with T.M.A’s founder and operations director; Lusu Manda, this is what we managed to learn about this programme.

“T.M.A is launching a programme known as Friday Night Freestyles on its Facebook Page tonight. This programme is another initiative that we have come up with inorder to help upcoming artists reduce the amount of money that they spend on instrumentals and song cover designs when working on their projects. Artists will just have to help us widen our outreach and with their bars, we will be giving them free instrumentals of their choice and an artwork design for free”.

This programme will be commencing every Friday on this page at 6PM exactly. At this time, the concept of what to talk about in the freestyles will be released on the page and artists will have to post their freestyles on the page before 12 midnight. Use of foul language and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

For artists to stand a chance of winning, they will have to follow the following simple steps:

  1. Like T.M.A’s Facebook Page on
  2. Invite 20 friends to like the page
  3. Post their freestyle lyrics on the page before 12 midnight
  4. Get 20 friends to like the post
  5. Get a positive comment from judges by abiding by all the rules and delivering unique and interesting content in the freestyle.

The winner gets a free instrumental and an artwork by Lusu Manda Creations.

So tell your friends about this amazing opportunity and may the best man win.

Brought to you by Lusu Manda Enterprises, Willy Beats and True Malawian Art Enterprises.

Posted by Peter Jiya

(T.M.A Journalist)


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