Family Man Of The Week : Che Sight

Family Man Of The Week : Che Sight

He is an entrepreneur from the capital city of Malawi; Lilongwe, and for many years now he has been known in the media industry as the skilled Ishmael “Sight” Liguluwe. His name has spread out through the whole country over the years because of his ability to astonish when behind the camera and recently because of the establishment of his very own music group in the year 2015 that goes by the name of SMG (Sight Music Group).

Click to check out SMG’s Facebook Page

Their hit “Ngati Chitsiru”, that featured two of his artists ‘Ill Mind’ and ‘Crispy Malawi’ (Who later left the group), was all over the Malawian airwaves and managed to secure itself a spot in the newspaper and outstanding performances in shows all over Lilongwe.

Click to download “Ngati Chitsiru” by SMG

As if that wasn’t enough, the successful photographer and music manager went ahead and added more artists into the pack. It was now an unstoppable combination of rappers and a singer namely Ill Mind, Lungile, Shaz and A Lee. But this couldn’t be all that he had achieved in his career, so we went ahead and had an interview with him at his lovely home earlier this week and this is what he had to tell us.

“I’ve been a photographer since 2013 but frankly my career took an outstanding turn in 2015. Things turned out to be more serious and that is when I came up with Sight Pictures” he said.

“Over the years, I’ve worked on huge projects with DISCOM on safe motherhood projects, Take One Models, True Malawian Art Enterprises and many other outstanding sessions that I’ve had with my cameras. But frankly, my greatest achievement ever since I walked into this earth is meeting the amazing lady that gave birth to my beautiful daughter ‘Layla’”.

Regardless of being a busy man, Sight also has the great responsibility of being a husband and a father. Amazingly, he has also managed to be so good at this.

“My daughter is two years old now and my family life is going so well. At first, it might have been hard to manage my family and work time for things to work but now it’s all perfect. I manage to spend my days taking pictures and managing my artists and also spending time with the two beautiful women in my life, it’s all so amazing”.

Surely, Sight Liguluwe is achieving all his goals; being a successful photographer, art manager and family man.

He really deserves a pat on the back.

Article by Rexa Nkwinda.

(TMA Journalist)


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