CEO Songs Does It Again!

CEO Songs Does It Again!

“From the moment I listened to that whole album, I knew that doubt would be a thing of the past”

We listen to music every single day. On our cell phones, computers, radios and even watch some on our Television sets. But it is very rare to find this music we listen to relevant to our day-to-day lives nowadays. The Malawian Music Industry has been flooded with songs that only tend to entertain people of all ages but only a few still stand out to this very day to use what they have for the greater good of all people, and an example of such artists is the Blantyre Based Gospel Singer; CEO Songs (Augustine Mukisi).

CEO Songs has managed to preach through his music to both local and international fans and has worked on a large number of songs that are aimed at strengthening Christians spiritually and morally. Not only has his music been aimed at avid music fans of the Christian distinction, but has also been aimed at attracting more people towards the Christian faith.

Regardless of his undoubted achievements as an upcoming gospel artist in Malawi, CEO Songs has also faced some setbacks in the industry but this has not stopped him from releasing another album in addition to the one that he released on the 3rd of November 2013 entitled “Elgibor”.

He has recently released “All Things Are Possible” on the 17th of June 2017 and has managed to get his album a total of 233 Downloads so far on his Profile. This album has 11 songs that are all related to the fact that all things are possible if we believe in God and have faith in his glorious works. Frankly, this is quite a strong message that deserves to be spread out to all nations because we are all victims of failure at some point in time and faith is all that we need to move forward.

“All Things Are Possible” deserves to be recognized globally. This album is just what Malawi needs if we are to be successful in creating meaningful and exquisite art. So feel free to share this article with friends and family and don’t forget to leave your comments as well as likes. We deserve your feedback.

@CEO_Songs : Thumbs up sir, this album is truly amazing. And we believe it will be delivered to those that truly need it. Keep the fire burning.

Click here to download “All Things Are Possible” by CEO Songs

Article by Peter Jiya

(T.M.A Journalist)


Brought to you by Lusu Manda Enterprises in coordination with True Malawian Art Enterprises

S/O to Atsogo Kondwani Nyamasauka of CAN Radio.


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